Motorcycle Dealer Raleigh-Durham – Find the best dealer in Raleigh-Durham

Motorcycle Dealer Raleigh-Durham – Find the best dealer in Raleigh-Durham

Raleigh Motorcycle Dealer


If you’re thinking about buying something from a motorcycle dealer Raleigh-Durham and getting your motorcycle license, it’s important to know about different types of motorcycles and capacity. Choosing the right motorcycle can mean a safer, easier, and more fun ride, while the wrong bike can be dangerous and hard to operate, increasing the potential for a motorcycle accident in Atlanta or other roadway. The legal team at KWFDM in Atlanta wants to help you make an informed, thoughtful decision when purchasing a motorcycle today.


You have many options when choosing a motorcycle style, and you’ve likely seen many different kinds of bikes on the road. The most common types of motorcycles include the following:

• Standard motorcycle

• Cruiser

• Touring motorcycle

• Sport bike

• Super-sport bike

• Sport-touring motorcycle

• Dual-sport motorcycle

• Scooter

• Underbone

• Moped

Standard motorcycles (also called naked bikes or roadsters) are the most versatile, general purpose street motorcycles. In most cases, they are also the most practical type of motorcycle DEALER Raleigh for new riders because of their low cost and simple gears. On the other hand, sport bikes are more appropriate for experienced riders—they go very fast and have lots of gears meant for navigating rough terrain.

Different Types of Motorcycle Dealer in Raleigh-Durham

Different types of Motorcycle Dealer Raleigh are more or less likely to be involved in accidents. According to the Highway Loss Data Institute, standard motorcycles, touring motorcycles, cruisers, and sport-touring motorcycles have the lowest rate of fatal accidents. The highest number of motorcycle crashes involve super-sport bikes and sport bikes.

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A motorcycle’s engine capacity is an indicator not only of its power, but also of its dangerousness. Beginning riders may want to avoid buying a motorcycle with a large engine size and high engine capacity. They are more difficult to operate safely. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that motorcycles with an engine of 1,001-1,500 cc have a higher fatal crash rate.  Engines with 500 or above account for 40% of accidents, while engines with 50-125 account for only 20% of accidents. Of course, this does not necessarily mean that a larger engine or MOTORCYCLE dealer Raleigh-Durham will cause a more serious bike accident. It may affect a rider’s ability to avoid danger by making an evasive maneuver.